Our system is designed for farmers and homeowners to produce what we have named Virgen foods. These foods are even healthier than many of today’s excellent organic products. IFD will provide a complete four step process for its members that will result in the much superior “Virgen” foods. First, the soil is repaired by our Virgen Soil Rejuvenator. Then, the water is purified for use with the crops by way of irrigation or spray techniques at the option of the grower. Finally, following our laboratory soils analysis, we introduce our latest natural Virgen fertilizers and plant foods for better, more nutritious and far better tasting products.

Our Heirloom Seed resources have searched the world for seeds that will provide the highest nutrition. They are carefully selected by experts and have proven to be superior in value and quality. Values are apparent in the flavors, productivity, hardiness or adaptability that are the normal result of using them. Our members have the best flavors and production (even homeowners) and smaller gardens or fields. IFD offers over 1500 of the highest quality heirloom seeds to its members and the public at large.

Water is arguably the most important aspect to life on Earth. IFD offers a product that can increase the potency of this most valuable resource. After running water through our Virgen Water Systems installed directly in your incoming water line, results will immediately begin to appear. In the home the water will become silky and softer with far less sediment content and without significant chemical presence. The water molecules are actually broken down into smaller minute clusters allowing for more effective assimilation and hydration for plants, animals or humans. Using these systems will result in a marked decrease in water use where appropriate and a marked increase in the farm products produced. Whether you are a vegetable farmer, a dairy farmer or a gardener and looking to improve the overall health and vitality in the plants, animals or humans using this water, the results are a home run for all.

IFD’s unique programs is a complete and comprehensive system to grow nutrient dense crops and healthier livestock. Every farms soil is different. Our members will have their soils tested by our technicians for each individual crop or field to ensure that the proper nutrients are used. These products are custom designed for the best possible results.

The process of soil and water purification in combination with our Virgen Heirloom Seeds and Virgen Plant Foods will produce far superior results.

Nutritional Value Comparison

Commercial Store Tomatoes

Retail Store tomato

Tastes like wet cardboard. Has little or no nutritional value. Maybe an unsafe GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) tomato. They genetically modify the seed which is unnatural. A high percentage of commercial tomatoes contain toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Caution is advised. They can cause illness in adults and especially children.

Organic Tomatoes

Organic tomato

Better tasting. Usually have no pesticides or poisonous chemicals but (sometimes do).  Nutrition is measured by Brix units. The commercial store tomato has 0 to 1 Brix level usually. Very little nutritional value if any. The organic tomatoes have from 1 to 3 Brix levels.

Virgen Tomatoes

Organic tomato

Virgen tomato is free of pesticides and chemicals and up to 15 or more Brix units in nutritional value. Absolutely the best tasting and nutritional value ever.

Which tomato do you want to feed your family?

A tasteless and chemically treated commercial tomato, an expensive organic tomato with a lower Brix level of nutrition than a Virgen tomato, or a Virgen tomato that tastes fantastic and has a much higher nutritional value.

icon-2Purify your soil with our Virgen™ Soil Rejuvenator

icon-3Plant the highest quality heirloom seeds

icon-1Purify your crop water with Virgen™ Water Treatment

icon-4Feed your crops with our pure plant food

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Good food, water = good health.

These ingredients were given to us in natural ways by our earth and  we must all protect them. We can do that by learning and participate and listen to these farmers who say “lets get back to nature.”

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