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Back Into The Future

By October 23, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments

No matter where we travel on the earth, we are all uncomfortable with what we see and instinctively feel. We see polluted water, smell bad air and see poverty and starvation. Better and more available food is the answer.

IFD’s programs include going “back to the future,” remembering the food, water and other simple systems used to feed the people in days gone by. A steak had wonderful beef flavor. Fruits and vegetables were a sweet and a delicious treat. Now, unfortunately, harsh chemicals and pesticides have depleted the quality, nutritional values and flavors. This is now thought to be causing problems with the health of our population, especially in children. Scientists, doctors, farmers and most all of humanity are becoming aware of the resulting negative impact of these chemicals on the earth.

Good food and water = good health.

These ingredients given to us in natural ways by our earth is what we must all protect. We all need to recognize these problems and unite to confront them.