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Beyond ‘a New Lease’ on Water

By April 11, 2014 Uncategorized No Comments

It might be argued that water is the most important tool in farming. Without it seeds will not germinate. If seeds don’t germinate, crops will not grow.

Farming exists because water exists, yet, there is far more to water than is evident to the eye.

Less obvious with water is the fact that, related to its ability to enable and enhance crop growth, all water is not all the same. Any comparison of crop growth after a rainfall will bear testament that rainwater is a very “special” state of water.

Given the unpredictability of rainwater, IFD is pleased to introduce VirgenTM water technology, a line of devices that actually adds rainwater’s special qualities to the source water in a direct in-line form factor for line sizes from standard one-half inch that fit a standard garden hose, to eight inches that apply to large-scale overhead sprinkler (pivot) systems.

The benefits to farmers of implementing Virgen technology, is more than getting a “new lease” on water. It’s more like getting new water. It water that is more potent, more efficient and more easily absorbed by plants and animals and causes higher yields and productivity with up to 50% less water for all desired purposes.

Imagine having your water allocations cut in half and yet seeing your crop yields and nutrient density increase while soil input requirements and their associated costs actually decline!

That’s the Virgen water  difference with the Virgen BIO-AG growing systems.