Our system is designed for farmers and homeowners to produce Virgen™ Foods.  These foods are much healthier than organic foods even. We will provide you with our four step process that will produce Virgen™ foods. First the soil is purified with our Virgen™ Soil Rejuvenator. Next,  we provide our Virge heirloom seeds. Then the water is purified for irrigating the crop with our Virgen water. Finally, we use our Virgen fertilizer to feed the plants to provide a larger sweeter crop.
Our soil today is polluted by toxins that poison our produce.  The essentials of our product are extracted from fresh dairy cow manure through a multi-stage fermentation process used in making our Virgen soil rejuvenator. These essentials are fortified with polysaccaride enhancers and compound organic substances. The Virgen soil rejuvenator is highly concentrated and is to be used at low application rates.  The soil is thus cleaned with the Virgen soil rejuvenator and this makes the soil pure for growing Virgen™ produce.
Touching the nations of the earth with nutritious foods, heirloom seeds are carefully grown and saved because they are considered valuable. The value could lie in their flavor, productivity, hardiness or adaptability. They can have the best flavor and production in home and small market gardens. Independent Farm Direct offers a wide variety of over 1500 different kinds of seeds to all gardeners and farmers. However there is a limited supply so order yours before they run out.
Water is arguably the most important aspect to life on Earth. IFD offers a product that can increase the potency of our most valuable resource. After running water through a photonic water system, which can be attached directly to your water source using an in line system, water molecules are broken down. This allows for a more effective hydration process through increased surface area. The results of this are beneficial in several ways; most notably, a decrease in water usage and an increase in the quality of the product. Whether you are a dairy farmer, gardener, or looking to increase YOUR overall health, our water system can make a vast impact.
Our unique package is a complete system to grow nutrient dense crop. Every farm’s soil is unique. Our technicians will test the soil for each individual farm or plot and custom design the necessary plant food for your property.
The process of soil and water purification in combination with our Virgen™ Heirloom seeds and Virgen™ plant food will produce far healthier crops. These crops are even more pure and desirable than organic crops. Many so-called “organic” foods are not at all really organic or pure at all. They are often somewhat of an oxymoron. Ask any organic produce farmer. The truth will come out. IFD processes are truly pure and are what yields our “Virgen™ Foods.”