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IFD “Soil Product”

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Using Virgen soil products actually feeds the soil better than chemical products with natural elements that have been depleted with over decades of the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  IFD SP helps bring farmers “back the earth” to health and balance in their soils and pruducts.

Many farmers and growers across the country believe fertilizers feed the soil too.  However, In reality chemical and petro-based fertilizers do help growth but can and do  damage the top layers of the soil.

There are many different types of soils across America and in the world at large.  Most soil conditions can be corrected by activating the soil bacteria.  A good active healthy soil will resist and reduce disease, fungus and insect problems.  It will help balance the ph factors and permit all fertilizers and chemicals to do a more effective job at lower application rates.  To activate soil bacteria, one must apply a good energy source for it.

Most people who understand Mother Nature and her work realize that healthy soils will produce healthier plants and better yields.  Healthy soil will also produce plants with greater resistance to stress conditions.

Soil with good bacterial activity will build a more humus layer substantially building the water holding capacity.  Humus also helps to warm the soil earlier in the spring encouraging spring seeding.