What are Virgen Foods

Virgen foods have the highest nutritional value in the world, including organic food. Organic means there are no poisons or pesticides on the food. It does not regulate the brix level. The higher the brix level, the higher the nutritional value of the food. With the BIO-AG Growing System it will increase the brix level 5 to 15 times.

How do I get Virgen Foods

You can get Virgen Foods through either a Virgen Farmer, growing it at home, or in your own greenhouse using our BIO-AG Growing System. The BIO-AG System is a four step process:

One, we apply the Virgen Soil Rejuvenator. The Soil Rejuvenator releases natural enzymes and microbes that aerates the soil creating a more natural environment for plants. These microbes and enzymes also destroy harmful pesticides and chemicals that may be in the soil. The soil actually becomes softer, allowing for a stronger root system.

Secondly, comes the heirloom seed varieties, which are 60 to 100 years old. Meaning, the seed has been harvested from generation to generation, preserving the consistency of that crop. The heirloom seed is the powerhouse of all seeds because it has not been genetically modified. Genetically modified seeds have created problems with mammals, including human beings. Many countries around the world have banned GMO seeds and have burnt their crops in fear of harming mammals and humans. Additionally, many of these countries feel that GMO seeds are suspect to creating disease and even death to our honey bees.

Third, the products are hydrated using our water machine. The photonic water system charges the water making it more effective. The molecules actually become broken up into smaller segments, allowing for a stronger absorption rate and less required water. The charged water increases the Brix, and health, of all living things who consume it.

Lastly, is the plant food. Plants need the correct nutrients to flourish. Every soil make up is different, so a soil test will be performed to determine what specific nutrients are needed for your plants to become Virgen empowered.