Why IFD™?

No matter where we travel on the earth, we are all concerned with what we see and instinctively feel about the food we are eating these days. We see polluted water. We smell filthy air, and witness poverty and hunger.

During the early part of 2000-2001 seventy farmers merged together in Albany New York and agreed to become leaders in the production of good clean whole food. This plan included going back and  reconstituting the quality of the food, water and simple systems needed to properly feed the people of the earth. In earlier times a steak had wonderful beef flavor. A tomato, a peach, carrot was sweet and a delicious treat. Now, simple harsh chemicals, pesticides, have now depleted their flavors. These chemicals  have caused problems with the health of our children and impacted the health of nearly all adults. Furthermore, scientists, doctors, farmers and most all of humanity are disgusted with the negative impact on the earth. After all this is our home and our families’ health and our children’s futures we are discussing here. with IFD and its programs we can again enjoy the wonderful benefits of healthier food.  Consider –

Good food, water = good health.

These ingredients that are given to us in natural ways by our earth are what we need to protect, however, we must all participate, to accomplish this. We need to listen to these farmers who say “lets get back to nature.”